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Starburst XXXtreme Slot Review

The original Starburst was released back in 2013, and for many avid players, it’s still a hugely popular go-to game. Although it seems a little dated due to the emergence of higher volatility slots with more engaging rewards, Starburst still holds its own against the big titles of today. However, the end of an era is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Here’s why! Swedish game developer NetEnt has recently released Starburst’s highly anticipated sequel under the name Starburst XXXtreme. The...

Random Number Generators - A Detailed Explanation

Ever since their inception, online casinos have tried to provide a gaming experience that closely replicates that of land-based casinos. Naturally, some aspects of brick and mortar establishments cannot be simulated through an internet connection, but gambling websites generally do a decent job of offering a realistic imitation. The essential task of any online casino is to ensure that the games featured on their platforms behave in the exact same way that they would when playing at the...

Fire Joker Freeze - Play'N Go's Brand-New Masterpiece

Play’N Go’s Joker series strikes again! The updated version of 2016’s Fire Joker hasn’t changed much. The Swedish game developer added an extra feature, a frozen dimension via a new symbol, and a greater winning potential. The core gameplay, however, remains the same. If you’re a fan of Fire Joker, you’ll definitely love Fire Joker Freeze. The game is played on a 3x3 grid on a red, diamond-patterned background. Visually, it’s truly breath-taking if you’re into traditional slots. The...

How to Play and Win at Online Blackjack – History, Rules & Strategy Guide

Before we dive deep into the rules of one of the most popular card games in existence, let’s begin with a brief history of Blackjack. Where did it all start? Who invented it? Where did it get its name, and why is it so damn popular? Prepare yourself for a journey through the ages all the way back to late 17th century Spain where the first literary evidence of Twenty-One appeared. The Origins of Blackjack Some historians believe that Blackjack has its roots in an ancient Roman game...

Indian Police Take Fighting Rooster Into Custody For Killing Its Owner

A fighting rooster suspected of killing its owner has been taken into custody by police in southern India’s Telengana state. The alleged murder was committed during the rooster’s daring escape attempt. The bird stabbed the unfortunate man in the groin with a three-inch razor attached to its talons. The victim died from blood loss on his way to the hospital. Thankfully, the rooster hasn’t been charged with the crime. It’s being kept in custody in case it needs to be produced as...

Real-Money Gambling Apps Available In 15 Countries on Google Play Starting March 1st

As Google continues relaxing its initially strict anti-gambling policies, the tech giant will soon allow real-money gambling apps in its Google Play marketplace in 15 new countries as of March 1st. Google’s updates to its app store policies stipulate that citizens of a large number of nations will be able to download and use real-money gambling apps, daily fantasy sports apps, and view gambling-related ads. Currently, real-money apps are only allowed in the UK, Ireland and France....

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